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Girl in refugee camp declares Palestinian refugees will return to Israeli cities and effectively erase Israel, on PA TV

Official Palestinian Authority TV  |

Official PA TV program A Child and a Refugee Camp

Official PA TV children’s host Walaa Al-Battat: “There is no fear or despair from additional waiting that is a bit longer than the 70 years that have passed, longer than the lives that have been and will be...”

Girl: “The right of return will come back, and we will return to our original village, which is Iraq Al-Manshiyya, Zakariya, Al-Faluja and others… (i.e., two Arab villages abandoned in the 1948 war after the Egyptian army withdrew from them according to the 1949 Armistice Agreement, now Zekharia  and Kiryat Gat). Of course I hope to return, of course. I have hope, persistence, desire, strength, resolve, and determination that I will return. We will all return, all of our forefathers. We adhere to the right of return, our right to freedom, the right of all refugees. We all have the right to return to our land, the right of return.”

Walaa Al-Battat: “Even if the generations have passed, replaced each other, and come one after the other, there is no replacement for return and nothing will make us forget the homeland from which we were expelled. See you soon in Iraq Al-Manshiyya.”


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