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PA teaches kids “an incredible and beautiful story” about Arab terrorist who murdered 3 Jews

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

What is the nature of the Palestinian Authority incitement that has enabled the current violent riots?

One crucial component in the PA’s teachings is that the use of violence and terror are legitimate and even glorious means to fight Jews and Israel to “liberate Palestine.” As Palestinian Media Watch has documented for decades, the PA glorifies terrorists and murderers who “succeeded” in harming and killing Israelis and Jews. This is even done at the children’s level. One recent example:  On a children’s program on official PA TV, a storyteller sat under a tree telling stories to children. He highlights one story that is “incredible and beautiful” and “good to tell” – a story about an Arab terrorist who in the 1930s carried out attacks “against the British and against the Jews” and killed 3:

PA TV storyteller: “Today we will talk about one of these revolutionaries whose name was Hussein Al-Ali Zubeidi Al-Saqri (i.e., Arab terrorist from the 1930s) from the Al-Suqour tribe… A brave person came out of this tribe who wanted to be a hero carrying out true resistance, and he gathered a group –a military team –of men of the area… He would carry out military operations (i.e., terror attacks) against the British and against the Jews and hide in the mountains... The story is incredible and beautiful and it is good to tell it… He carried out many operations with his group, of which two or three operations stood out that we will talk about, and they became famous in history… [For example] the attack on Sakhne… He killed a group of British (sic., Jews) there and therefore the Jews changed its name from Sakhne, the Arab name, to Gan HaShlosha, [Park of The Three, after] those who were killed there.”

[Official PA TV, A Tree and a Story, April 28, 2021]

For almost 3 decades – since 1994 – Palestinian children have heard continuous hate messages about Israelis and Jews, and since the PA started its 5-year terror campaign (i.e., the second Intifada) in 2000, which forced Israel to build a security fence, they have not had any positive direct contact with Israelis. The young generation of Palestinians only knows the PA’s incitement version of history and that is why they tragically have no qualms about using violence and terror against Israelis.

Hussein Al-Ali Zubeidi Al-Saqri

Gan HaShlosha

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