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"Palestine," not Israel, borders Lebanon in PA TV quiz for university students

PA TV quiz program The Stars:
Host: "How many countries share a border with Lebanon?"
Contestant: "Two countries - Syria and Palestine."
Host: "Of course, two countries - Syria and Palestine. [Lebanon] is our neighbor - it's impossible that we wouldn't know."
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Note: Lebanon, Israel’s neighbor to the north, could only be a neighbor to a country “Palestine” if “Palestine” replaced Israel.

In November 2009, PA TV introduced a weekly quiz program entitled
The Stars. The first season was funded by the European Union and the quiz questions all related to Europe, covering topics such as history, geography, personalities, government, culture, arts, and sports. Each program featured competing representatives from two Palestinian Authority universities or colleges. In January 2010 the competition ended, and the last program showed a prize ceremony with the participation of Minister of Welfare Majda Al-Masri; Minister of Prisoners' Affairs Issa Karake; and director of the MAAN news agency, Nasser A-Lahham.
In May 2010 a new series of the program was announced which is being sponsored by the cell phone company Jawwal. Palestinian Media Watch has been unable to verify whether this season is also sponsored by the EU as the prominent use of the logo indicates.

The show originally aired October 8, 2010 and was rebroadcast on October 11th.