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PA daily: Resistance [violence] against "the occupation" is a duty

Headline: “The occupation is the foundation of terror and a blow to peace”
“The Israelis are mistaken if they assume that the resistance of the Palestinian people will subside or disappear to the extent that they [the Israelis] persevere with their occupation, confiscation of land, settlement, Judaization and annexation, and continue to perpetrate their crimes and aggressive violations against the Palestinian people. Simple and intuitive logic, requiring no study or research methods and analysis, says: unless the occupation disappears and is removed from the Palestinian people, which is under the yoke of the occupation – resistance will be the natural and legitimate response. The Palestinian people has followed its wise leadership on the path of peace for 17 years, and is still ready to grasp the peace option, if it and its leadership discovers [even] a fragment of hope of arriving at the option of two state for two peoples. However, the Palestinian people – which has excelled in all forms of the arts of resistance – will not be prevented from following the path of resistance which is its duty against the occupation, in order to return the Israelis to the peace avenue and to what is right. This is because arrogance, racism, fascism and the occupation are destined, with certainty, for defeat and death.”