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Abbas hints that violence is an option if negotiations with Israel fail

“During a joint press conference with the Egyptian Foreign Minister... the President [Abbas] said: ‘We spoke about the Palestinians’ options, and we said that these options will proceed one after the other, but the first of them is the renewal of direct negotiations, if Israel will cease all its settlement activities.’ He added: ‘Afterwards, there are other options, the first of which is to appeal to the US and to speak with it. We will ask it to adopt a position on all the issues, and especially on the Palestinian state and recognition of the 1967 borders as the borders of this state.’ He continued: ‘Afterwards there are options that we will take to the Security Council, up until the final options that we spoke about, but right now we are focusing on the first option. At the same time, this does not prevent us from preparing ourselves for all the options that will follow. We have seven options, not one, but we will not pass up the first option until all efforts in its regard have been exhausted. Then we’ll go on to the second option, which is to speak to the US, and if that does not succeed we will move on to the third option, and so on.’”

Note: Palestinians frequently mention armed resistance as one of the "options."