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Motivation behind Balfour Declaration to rid Europe of Jewish burden, says PA Ministry conference speaker

Headline: “The Ministry of Culture in Tulkarem holds a political conference on the subject of the Balfour Declaration”
     “The Ministry of Culture Administration in Tulkarem in cooperation with the [Department of] Public Relations and Security Forces, held a political conference under the heading, ‘The West and Balfour’s Promises’, to mark the 93rd anniversary of the cursed Balfour Declaration… Lecturer Na’aman Shahrour spoke about this anniversary, which still sticks in the throats of the Palestinians… Shahrour also spoke about the historical aspect of this promise and the reasons that led Balfour to commit to it. He said: ‘The Palestinian people is still bleeding since the British Foreign Minister gave this promise, resulting in all that has happened throughout the years and what is happening now – killing, destruction, and theft… All this in order to be rid of this burden, called the Jews, which troubled Britain and Europe, who wished to be rid of this burden - even at the expense of a different nation.”

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