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PA daily warns of "the American-Zionist agenda, whose aim is to ignite wars in the region"

    “It may be that a look at history on the eve of the establishment of the Israeli apartheid state, and afterwards, at the end of the 1940’s and beginning of the 1950’s, will allow the objective observer to detect a similarity between the terror operations carried out by the Zionist organizations and the security services of the Hebrew organized terror state, and the current parcel war (a reference to a number of embassies in Greece and European leaders who received parcel bombs in November 2010). In the past, the Zionist movement tried to force the Jews to emigrate from the countries of the world in general, and from Arab countries in particular. In the same manner, the American claims concerning the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and the bending of American, European and world public opinion, were meant to pave the way for the war against the Iraqi Arab nation. The same thing is happening today in Sudan and in the Middle Eastern countries in general.
The terror-parcel war is not coincidental, and they [the parcels] are not independent of one another, but rather are part of a careful plan which aims to achieve several objectives, among them:
1. To intensify the attack against the Arab and Islamic nations and states, by publicizing the source of the first parcel, Yemen, and placing the blame on terror organizations which assume an Islamic appearance, even though everyone knows who stood – and continues to stand – behind these artificial organizations, which operate for pay….
5. Most importantly: to subject European leaders to the American-Zionist agenda, whose aim is to ignite wars in the region on several levels and fronts, in order to have them participate in future wars, or at the very least to prevent them from opposing [the wars], with the pretext of fighting terror.
7. A central aim of the new terror campaign is to remove the international isolation of the Israeli racist apartheid state, to cover over its crimes and its violations against the Palestinian Arab people, and at the same time to facilitate the implementation of its aggressive plot in the Palestinian areas.”

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