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Official PA daily: US aid to the PA in 2010 totals $739.9 million

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the transfer of an additional grant to the PA's general budget:
“During signing ceremony for grant, by video conference, and with the participation of American Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton – Fayyad: Washington’s budgetary assistance, in the amount of $150 million, shows confidence in the Palestinian financial system, and helps the PA to fulfill its commitments”
“Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad said that the fact that the American administration has transferred the sum of $150 million directly to the treasury of the PA, in order to support its budget, shows the confidence of the donor countries and international financial institutions in the Palestinian financial system… This was during a ceremony, with the participation of American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, by video conference, where it was announced that the American administration has transferred the sum of $150 million to the PA budget…
It should be noted that after the transfer of the $150 million, the sum which the American administration will have transferred as direct budgetary aid to the PA for 2010 totals $225 million. It is also worthy of note that the US has been one of the greatest donors to our people during the course of the 2010 financial year, having transferred $739.9 million in aid, of which $237 million to UNRWA, to help the Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. The total aid provided by the Administration to our people from 1994 until the end of the current financial year comes to $3,465 billion, most of which has been earmarked for funding initiatives in the areas of health, education, financial development, democracy, government, and infrastructure initiatives such as roads, water and sewage. This is in addition to direct aid to the PA treasury.”