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PLO Executive Committee proud of Martyrs and all "who paid with blood" for "Palestine"

Headline: “On 22nd anniversary of the declaration of independence [of Palestinian state, in 1988], the PLO Executive Council emphasizes is adherence to [the goal of] the independent state with full sovereignty and with the right to self-definition”
     “The PLO Executive Committee emphasized on the 22nd anniversary of the declaration of independence that our people and its legitimate leadership are determined to continue with our national struggle, until our national goals are achieved – the establishment of a democratic State of Palestine upon all the territories occupied in 1967, and with East Jerusalem as its capital. It expressed pride for the acts of heroism and the great sacrifices that our people has offered throughout its national struggle - the Shahids (Martyrs), the injured, and the prisoners – who paid with their blood…
In an announcement published yesterday, the [PLO Executive] Committee emphasized that the occupation [Israel] and its highly influential media mouthpieces have not succeeded in tarnishing the image of the Palestinian struggle, and that the entire world – from one end to the other – has begun to support our just cause. It added that due to its policies which are hostile to peace and stability in the region, Israel has become a growing political and moral burden on all of mankind.”