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Jenin governor grants award to band that sings about destruction of Israel

Headline: “Jenin District Governor awards Alashekeen group Freedom Award”
“Jenin District Governor, Qadura Musa, awarded the Freedom Award yesterday to the Alashekeen band as a token of esteem for its important role in giving expression to the Palestinian cause through song with messages…
He added: ‘The group enjoys special honor and status unparalleled in any aspect of song in the name of Palestinian resistance. It has succeeded in giving honest expression to the Palestinian cause and the fortitude of its symbols.’
He thanked the group ‘for coming to Jenin, the city of resolve and defiance; the first to Shahada (Martyrdom for Allah) for the sake of the Palestinian principles, for which hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the homeland and in the diaspora have struggled, suffered injury, died as Shahids, and been imprisoned.’”

Note: Among the performances that have been broadcast by the Alashekeen band on PA TV was a dance and song about conquering Israel through war. Palestinian Media Watch reported when this song was first broadcast on PA TV on Sept. 12, 2010.
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