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PA TV admits Israel warned civilians in Gaza to leave buildings before bombings

Official PA TV reporter: “When they were informed that this tower will be attacked… the site was completely evacuated. The block, the street, the civilian buildings, and the residential buildings in the area - completely - including children and women, and we saw it…
The guard who works in this tower was warned through a phone call from the Israeli Security Agency. They told him word by word: ‘Evacuate the tower and tell them that this tower will be attacked. It will be attacked any moment.’ After this conversation this tower was attacked about two hours later.”

The following is the actual phone conversation in which the Palestinian guard received the warning to clear the building, according to Israeli TV Kan’s reporter Nurit Yohanan

Guard: “How much, how much time do you need? How much?” ...

At least two or three hours? No one should come in? In other words, [I should] go to the tower, go to the tower and not let anyone come in?”

[Twitter account of Israeli TV Kan’s reporter Nurit Yohanan, May 11, 2021]

The warning conversion with the guard in Gaza was held during the terror attack that was launched by Hamas and Islamic Jihad that fired hundreds of rockets against Israel.

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