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Kids on official PA TV: “A young self-sacrificing fighter” will get rid of “the Zionists” “Palestine is ours… it will be liberated from the thieves”

Itamar Marcus  |

  • “All Palestine is ours and it will be liberated from the thieves… You are temporary, and we remain” - 7-year-old girl

  • “I will not be calm until I see that the Zionist has left” – song on Fatah Facebook and Awdah TV

While the international community is very focused on determining the spark that ignited the current Hamas terror war, PMW has been documenting for years that the PA’s hate education including demonization of Jews, denial of Israel’s right to exist, and glorification of terror and terrorists, are the fundamental reasons that Palestinian terror exists.

A prime example of this world of PA hatred was demonstrated on a recent official PA TV broadcast. What better way to teach kids to hate and that Israel has no right to exist than to use other kids to incite them? In this TV program, the PA used two children to get the points across that Israel will be destroyed and “Palestine liberated,” and that “the Zionists” and “the thieves” will either leave or be killed by “self-sacrificing fighters” – i.e., “Martyrdom-seekers” who are prepared to die a violent death while attacking Israelis.

A 7-year-old girl recited the following poem stating that “all Palestine is ours,”and promising that “it will be liberated from the thieves”:

7-year-old Farah Fares: “I am a child of Palestine.
My message to cursed [former US President Donald] Trump:
O Trump, how you and the traitors belittle our people’s rights
You have forgotten that we are the people of heroes…
I tell you and the children of Zion:
Jerusalem is ours, Jerusalem is ours, and all Palestine is ours
It was, still is, and will remain our capital over the years
And it will be liberated from the thieves…
You [Israelis] are temporary, and we remain here”

[Official PA TV, Palestine This Morning, April 5, 2021]

On the same program, a teenage boy’s song incited child terrorists by stating that “a young self-sacrificing fighter” will get rid of “the Zionists”:

Amjad Sa’id: “If the Zionists have settled in the homeland
A young self-sacrificing fighter will solve this problem
Palestine, which is pleading again and again – O Arabs
The time will come when it will defeat the evil plot and settle accounts”

[Official PA TV, Palestine This Morning, April 5, 2021]

Palestinian Media Watch has exposed that the PA abuses Palestinian children by teaching them that death as a “Martyr” for “Palestine” is honorable and that terrorist murderers are heroes

A similar message was broadcast by Fatah. An adult singer performed a song teaching that the goal is for “the Zionist” to leave:

Lyrics: “My path is long, it is full of thorns and fire…
I will not allow the Zionist
to sit in my place at home,
This is my land, and it is my honor,
I was educated on the love of my land…
My home must return, and I’ll give my son the key,
O my mother, I will not be calm until I see that the Zionist has left.”

[Facebook page, Fatah Commission of Information and Culture, April 13, 2021; Fatah-run Awdah TV, April 13, 2021]

PMW has exposed the PA and Fatah’s use of songs to promote their ideologies. Currently a music quiz is being broadcast by official PA TV that mainly highlights songs promoting violence and terror and praising Martyrdom-death as a value.

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