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Zionism is just like “ISIS,” claims official PA daily op-ed

Excerpt of an op-ed by Ramzi Oudeh

“It seems that this state [Israel] is moving on to a different form of Zionism, which I call Zio-ISIS-ism. This form is not very different from the ISIS-ism that appeared in the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and the difference may [just] be in the external appearance of the leadership and not in the essence of its reasoning; the two camps [of Islamic ISIS and Zionist ISIS] claim ownership over the absolute truth, kill the other and exile them, pretend to be chosen and separate, choose violence as a political tool, murder civilians, commit ethnic cleansing, and rely on religion to justify their policy…

The ISIS policy in Iraq and Syria led to the spread of anarchy, killing, and uprooting [of civilians], and this is the same result that will be in the region for the policy of the new Zionism. Just as the entire world paid the cost of ISIS policy, it will pay a heavier cost as a result of the Zio-ISIS policy. It will be possible to gain control over this rebellious policy or contain it only through war, in which many states of the region and the world will participate. In the end Israel, which did not learn the lesson of ISIS well, will understand by force that the new Zionism on which it is based bears the seeds of its annihilation.”

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