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Fatah calls for more violent Arab riots nationwide

Text posted on the official Fatah Facebook page

Posted text: “A statement issued by the gathering of [Fatah] branch secretaries with the leadership of the Fatah Movement Mobilization and Organization [Commission]

Almighty [Allah] said: ‘Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory’ [Quran 22:39, Sahih International translation]. Allah’s words are truth.

Blessings to Palestine, the land and the people, blessings to Jerusalem, Lod, Acre, Jaffa, the Negev (i.e., Israeli cities and areas where Israeli Arabs are violently rioting), and blessings to all the cities and towns in the occupied Interior (i.e., Palestinian term for Israel). Blessings to the powerful Gaza Strip and to our people in the diaspora.

The masses of our people that is resisting in every inch of the lands of Palestine – from a continuation and strengthening of the state of resolve and resistance against the Israeli killing machine, and as a sign of support for the blood of the Martyrs, the suffering of the wounded and the prisoners, and the blood of the children and their pure bodies, Fatah calls on you:

1. To continue the resolve and confrontations in all the areas and routes, and also to confront the settler herds on all the roads and everywhere this is possible.

2. To come out in processions of rage in all the cities, villages, and refugee camps, to continue the preparedness and confrontation on the seam lines and bypass roads with all possible means.

3. We emphasize that our main battle is with the Israeli occupation, and that national unity is the foundation of the battle of resolution, victory, and ending the Israeli occupation. Anyone who is frivolous and acts to turn the compass away from Jerusalem and the occupation is against our people’s unity and its national interests.

4. On the 73rd anniversary of our people’s Nakba (i.e., “the catastrophe,” Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) and its expulsion, we emphasize that the revolution and struggle will continue until liberation, and that there is no alternative to our people’s right to return.

5. We send our blessings to all the publics rising up in the world who support our cause and the establishment of our independent state whose capital is noble Jerusalem.

Honor and eternity to our pure-hearted Martyrs
Full healing to our wounded fighters
Freedom to our prisoners in the occupation’s prisons
Shame and disgrace to the enemies of our people who are conspiring against our cause and our rights
This is a revolution until victory”

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