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PA Minister: Israel deliberately slow in saving Palestinian prisoners from fire

The following is an interview broadcast on PATV with Ziyad Abu Ein, PA Deputy Minister of Prisoners' Affairs:
PA TV host: "Do you have information about the response speed of the Israeli Prison Service in transferring the female prisoners from the Israeli prison, or did they take their time and create a lag?"
Minister Abu Ein: "Yes, they created a lag and our [Palestinian] prisoners were endangered. Had there not been Israeli criminals or Jewish prisoners in this particular prison, it would have been even slower... If, Heaven forbid, this fire had been in the Negev, Nafha or Be'er Sheva prisons (i.e., for Palestinian security prisoners only.) there would have been an even greater danger, but the presence of hundreds of Israeli prisoners in this prison [Damon] spurred the evacuation of the prisoners. But still it was very slow."

Note: In December 2010, a major forest fire broke out in northern Israel. The PA sent fire-fighters and equipment to help contain the fire, drawing mixed reactions among Palestinians.

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