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Palestinian union supports researcher who denies Jewish claims to Western Wall

Headline: "Union of public service workers condemned the Israeli and American attack on writer Al-Mutawakkil Taha"
“The Council of the Union of public service workers condemned the wild attack on the writer Al-Mutawakkil Taha poet [and Deputy Minister of Information] concerning the publication of a study, in which – through research based on documentation – he showed that the Al-Buraq Wall (Western Wall) is a Muslim wall, and has no connection to the Jews…
The statement also said that what is written in this document are historical facts which cannot be erased in the same manner in which the Al-Buraq Wall document has been erased from the website of the Ministry of Information. The union supports the document and its writer, who is known to everyone for basing his writings on documents which cannot be misinterpreted or distorted, and the Israelis and Americans should convey responses that are backed up by documents, and that piracy and pressure are not the proper response to facts."