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Israel denies Palestinian history and "sow[s] legends" in its place

Headline: “The real Israel and the false Israel” (Daily column by Yahya Rabbah)
“We hope that the regional and international firefighting team... will be able to gain control of the fire, which is swallowing the Mount Carmel forests... In the depths of our Islamic Arab culture, even if an aggressive foreigner (Israel) occupies our home and steals it, we don’t wish for the home to burn. In addition, the Carmel and its pine forests are an eternal part of our Palestinian memory. The Zionist movement, and its deformed child – Israel – continues to deny this memory, in order to sow in its place legends with no truth and no roots, but they did not succeed... What is important is that Israel... stood helpless in the face of the fire, and in every real test it returns to its true dimensions and reveals that the false, legendary and mythological Israel, is nothing [but] an illusion.”
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Note: In December 2010, a major forest fire broke out in northern Israel. The PA sent fire-fighters and equipment to help contain the fire, drawing mixed reactions among Palestinians.

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