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Cultural Jihad

Time passes, the clock is turning, and times change, but there is something that does not change the slightest. For example, Palestinian television.
Yes, that.

Not that I watch it - or can receive it, and I don’t understand what they say either. But unfortunately, in the Palestinian Authority many do. One result is millions of children and adolescents with an internalized hatred of the State of Israel, the Jews and everything Israeli. Young Palestinians are simply taught that through film: hatred at any price.

Only recently did I become aware of the Palestinian propaganda, which is fervently supported by the so-called "moderate" President Mahmoud Abbas.

Meanwhile, yet another peace process between the U.S. and the involved parties has commenced without any clear signs of it having affected the propaganda transmitted via television and popular culture in the PA. Brainwashing continues incessantly, no change there. While Abbas is basking in Western understanding, support and even admiration, his regime continues to produce the most ideology[-filled] television, one can imagine.

The Israeli NGO, Palestinian Media Watch’s website brings a wide range of new examples.

Those of you who have time and energy, can click through the gallery of cultural jihad and see, for example, how [people in] the Palestinian version of X Factor call for jihad against Israel and dance goose step for Allah to the great delight of the authorities, while a "TV journalist" hands out dollars to Palestinians who can remember the names of "Palestinian" cities, of which most are Israeli cities. The point of the last feature is clear as frost on a December morning: People are being bribed to fabricate history and pretend that Israel does not exist…

It is also possible to sing along with the President [Abbas]-declared “national band” and the song Pull the Trigger.

A couple of obvious questions need answers:

How come that the Western news media is deafeningly silent about this systematic and violence-glorifying propaganda?

Why this meticulous attention of the media to everything Israel does, while attention to the internal situation in the Palestinian Authority is sporadic, not to say non-existent?

As for me, I find it difficult to understand how Hillary Clinton & Co. imagine that the Palestinians are going to get ready for peace, a lasting peace, if the local media consistently ignores Israel's existence, violence is supported morally and terrorists are glorified by the local authorities.

Now, to put it in a foreign language: [in English in original] It's not gonna happen, Hillary.
Militant jihad is nurtured by cultural jihad like the one that Palestinian television promotes. In the meantime, the Western media is fast asleep and by reflex shines its light on anything Israel does or does not do.

Palestinian TV makes me nauseous. The Western news media make me throw up.