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Music video tells mothers to send sons to die

PA TV music video: Palestinian youth is shot while attacking an enemy. His body is placed before his mother, who at first responds with surprise, and then with traditional cry of joy. She then hands rifle to other sons, and watches as they turn and walk off to do battle.

"Our Shahids (Martyrs) have sworn, we shall live no longer.
Either we shall pray [in Jerusalem], or we shall die at your gate.
Khaibar [massacre of Jews] will be repeated, over and over...
[Visual: Youth killed while attacking enemy]
Oh mother [Visual: Mother sees dead son and responds with traditional cry of joy]
I swear by your pure eyes and hands, the tears in your eyes obligate them.
Oh free [land], two children will come, in place of one.
[Visual: Mother hands rifle to other sons]
They will wipe away the shameful history."

Note: This video also aired on Jan. 1, 2002. It was broadcast repeatedly in 2002.