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Jihad on Jerusalem's behalf is a personal religious commandment, says senior Fatah official:

Palvoice website, Fatah  |
Headline: “Abbas Zaki: Internal compromise means victory for everyone. Fatah and Hamas must meet halfway.”
     "Abbas Zaki, member of the Fatah Central Committee and General Commissioner for Arab Relations, called for an Islamic summit conference to be held immediately for the city of Jerusalem… He emphasized that the summit would need to establish the stance of the Islamic states towards Jerusalem, ‘since it is not only ours, but [belongs to] all Muslims, and is in grave danger.’
Zaki said, in announcements to the press, that ‘the struggle and the Jihad for the liberation of Jerusalem are not the job of the Palestinians alone; it is the job of all Muslims and all believers and all who are loyal and who bear the faith, and Jihad on [Jerusalem’s] behalf is a personal religious commandment (i.e. incumbent on every individual) [fard ayn] and not [merely] a communal religious commandment, especially in the shadow of the threat to the holy city and its inhabitants, coming from the occupiers who are acting to change its Arabic and Islamic landmarks…’ He noted that the excavation activities which Israel is carrying out beneath the Al-Aqsa Mosque threaten the collapse of the Marwani prayer complex [Solomon’s Stables]… In addition, they may cause a larger collapse of the structures adjacent to Al-Aqsa, in addition to the building of a new synagogue… with the purpose of concealing the usual sight of the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa.
He noted the latest comments of the commander of the so-called Israeli Home Front Command in Jerusalem, concerning the Marwani complex, and said that he “once again places before the Arabs and Muslims a historical responsibility.’
Zaki also called for a Christian conference, also for Jerusalem…
Zaki also called upon the Arab leaders to hold an urgent Arab summit, since Palestine is the main problem… and especially since disdain has begun to be shown for the Arabs since the publication of the Arab peace initiative…
Zaki also demanded action on the broadest possible scale on all continents in order to isolate Israel as a punishment for its crimes against man, stone and tree, and for being a wayward state which is above the law, and to expose its strategic alliance with the US…
[In conclusion, Zaki] demanded of the Arab League to emphasize the boycott of Israel.”

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