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PA daily: Israel conspires to Judaize "Palestine," PA daily: The Israeli "enemy" seeks rule over Al-Aqsa; PA daily: Muslims must "carry out the Ribat until Allah's victory comes"

Headline: “Protection of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and support of the people living in its vicinity are religious obligations [obligatory] for every Arab and Muslim”
“Oh believing brothers throughout the world – in these fateful days which befall the Palestinian people remaining resolute upon the land of Ribat, it is obligatory for every Arab and Muslim to lend material and moral support to our Palestinian people, for protection for the Al-Aqsa Mosque and those who live in its vicinity…
Still their [Israelis’ – Ed.] despicable conspiracies continue, as embodied in excavations, Judaization of the land, theft of identities and temptations which they offer to our people in exchange for their leaving the land. … The land of Palestine and Syria is the land of Ribat, and it is the fortified barrier behind which the Arabs and Muslims stand in order to fight against their enemies. If the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the land of Palestine are abandoned [and left] without defense, the danger will encompass all Islamic lands, because the enemies’ aim is not to rule over Al-Aqsa alone; rather, they believe that if Al-Aqsa and the place to which Muhammad journeyed are treated lightly by Arabs and Muslims, then they will treat their faith lightly. We must all continue to adhere to our faith and to carry out the Ribat until Allah’s victory comes, for ‘Allah’s victory is close for the believers’.”