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Poll: Marwan Barghouti is favored candidate to hold public office

"If new presidential elections are held today, and only two were nominated, Abbas would receive the vote of 56% and Haniyeh 38% of the vote of those participating. The rate of participation in such election would reach 59%. Three months ago, Abbas received 57% and Haniyeh 36%. In the Gaza Strip, Abbas receives 53% and Haniyeh 43% and in the West Bank Abbas receives 59% and Haniyeh 34%."

"If the presidential elections were between Marwan Barghouti and Ismail Haniyeh, the former would receive 65% and the latter would receive 31% ofthe participants' votes. The rate of participation in this case would reach69%. In the Gaza Strip, Barghouti receives 61% and Haniyeh 37% and in theWest Bank Barghouti receives 68% and Haniyeh 27%. These results are similarto those obtained three months ago."

"Most popular figures selected by the public as possible vice presidents froma list of five provided to respondents are Marwan Barghouti (selected by 27%of the public), Ismail Haniyeh (18%), Salam Fayyad (16%) Mustafa Barghouti(11%), and Saeb Erekat (5%)."
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