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YouTube reopens PMW video channel

Robyn Rosen  |
The pro-Israel Palestinian Media Watch, has had its YouTube account reopened after the video-sharing website closed it for four days for allegedly propagating hate speech.

The account, which posts videos of hate preachers and anti-Israel terrorists to expose them, was closed last Thursday for "violating terms of use".
YouTube specified the posting of six videos, including those of Hamas
suicide terrorists.

Itamar Marcus, director of PMW, said: "The material we post on YouTube is to expose the hatred in Palestinian and Hamas media.

"We were not contacted when the videos were taken down. I tried to open one and saw it was closed. There was no notification until you clicked on the video.

"We were very disturbed. There are many radical videos on YouTube. Why is that material seen as reasonable, but exposing it is not?

"They made a totally wrong decision. We are a serious organisation and it was upsetting they could not differentiate."

After the account was closed, PMW urged supporters to complain and on Monday, the account was reopened.

Mr Marcus said: "There was a frenzy of activity. Thousands of emails were sent and people were tweeting every two seconds.

"It was very impressive. I'd like to meet YouTube and make them realise we are a tremendous service to humanity. These things have to be exposed to be eliminated."

YouTube now allows users to flag propaganda videos for removal.

When a user flags a video as inappropriate, they have the option to tick "promotes terrorism" under the "violent or repulsive content" category.

Mark Gardner, of the Community Security Trust, said: "The mix-up regarding Palestine Media Watch shows the need for internet moderators to act sensibly, rather than by reflex."