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PA daily accuses Israel of stealing Palestinian heritage in ancient oil lamp exhibition

Article on ancient oil lamps from different periods that have been discovered in Israel:
Headline: “The lamps of Palestine”
“The Israeli Antiquities Authority has evoked the heritage of ancient Palestinian lamps, in honor or the Jewish Festival of Lights, [Hanukkah] but – as usual – through a mix of religion, politics and history, to serve ideological-political purposes. The lamp, which – in addition to its important function in [various] cultures – symbolizes an unending and portable source of light, which can be controlled, has become a tool for dissemination [of propaganda]. The Israeli Antiquities Authority has organized its efforts to hold an exhibition on the subject of lamps in Palestine (which it calls the Land of Israel (Eretz Israel), in order to mark the victory of the Hasmoneans, the supporters of fundamentalist Judaism, over the Seleucids with their Syrian-Greek culture, as symbolized by the Festival of Lights.
Official Israel, represented by the Antiquities Authority, is appropriating the heritage of Palestinian light, and sees no light other than that of ‘the Land of Israel’.”