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PA determined to unilaterally declare Palestinian state this year

Headline: “Palestinians expressing determination to declare their state this year”
“The Palestinian leadership is expressing determination to declare their state in 2011, by studying and improving their alternatives to the fruitless peace negotiations with Israel…
The Palestinian alternatives to negotiations [include]:
1. A return to direct talks, in the event that Israel agrees to stop settlement on the West Bank and East Jerusalem, until an agreement is reached concerning the borders of the anticipated Palestinian state.
2. In the event of the return [to negotiations] failing – a request that the American leadership recognize the Palestinian state on the June 4, 1967 borders.
3. A request that the [UN] Security Council recognize the Palestinian state on the ’67 borders, with the hope that the US will not use its veto power…
4. In the event of a [US] veto, the request will continue to the UN General Assembly…
5. The demand that the Palestinian territories be placed under international management…
6. Stopping the implementation of the interim agreements with Israel, arguing that they have lost their reason to exist if no progress has been achieved in the direction of independence and a final agreement.
7. Dismantling of the Palestinian Authority and placing all responsibility on Israel as the occupying power.
President Abbas described the Israeli occupation as ‘the cheapest occupation in the world’, since the [Palestinian] National Authority provides a large portion of the services pertaining to Palestinians.”

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