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Mother prayed for son's Shahada death

Um Al-Ajrami, mother of suicide terrorist: "Before I went on my pilgrimage [to Mecca], [my son] Naji put his hand on my head, and said: 'Mother, pray for me to become a Shahid (Martyr), or it will be your sin and I won't forgive you until Judgment Day.' During [the ceremonies] in Mecca and Medina, since it was entrusted to me, I prayed for him, saying: 'Praise Allah, my children asked for Shahada (Martyrdom).' It's better than other ways to die, and anyway we will die." PA TV (Fatah), Dec. 5, 2002. Another interview with the same mother on the Jamila magazine website (Qatar): "[My son} Naji told me he wanted…to carry out a Martyrdom-seeking operation, but he didn't mention exactly when he would blow himself up. His Martyrdom was… the most beautiful present for Mother's Day.", April 2005.

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