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PMW’s “holy work,” praised by former advisor to Israeli Minister of Education, recommends PMW Director Marcus for Israel Prize

Former advisor to Israeli Minister of Education Eli Vered Hazan: “I have to present Palestinian Media Watch (PMW)… it is doing holy work. I came across it when I was the [Israeli] minister of education’s advisor. In 2009 [Israeli] Prime Minister [Netanyahu] asked to compare the study materials in the Israeli education system with the study materials in the Palestinian education system… I was amazed by the amount of knowledge that you [PMW] had gathered and the things you are doing. And it’s not just that. Hillary Clinton, who was [US] Secretary of State, received the institute’s materials, PMW’s materials. They succeeded in doing great things that the Israeli public isn’t familiar with and doesn’t know about. Therefore, I am humbled, I salute you for what you [PMW] are doing. It’s good that you’re here.”

PMW Director of Legal Strategies Maurice Hirsch: “It really is [PMW Director] Itamar Marcus, a man of vision -

Hazan: “Absolutely.”

Maurice Hirsch: “who knows how to understand and analyze these things. He established an institute that has been working for 25 years already, exposing all the few good things and the bad things.”

Eli Vered Hazan: “They’re looking for candidates for the Israel Prize, for all kinds of things of honor – Itamar Marcus should be first among them.”

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