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Palestinian conspiracy theory: Israel is behind major crises in the Arab world

Director General of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's office, Abd Al-Rahim:
"The Fatah movement in the Bir Zeit region marked the 46th anniversary of [the movement’s] establishment, at a rally which took place in the town. Secretary General of [Mahmoud Abbas’s] Presidential Office, Al-Tayeb Abd Al-Rahim... said :... There are other conspiracies which the occupation [Israel] plans so as to cause a decrease [in attention] to the Palestinian cause and to turn it into a secondary matter with no priority, such as the sectarian-religious battle going on in Lebanon. There is a third [Israeli] conspiracy, which is the division of Sudan. In addition, there are Arab countries which are facing dangers, such as what is happening in Yemen and the existence of the so-called Southern Movement, the Houthis, and Al-Qaeda in Yemen... There are also the massacres being carried out against the Christian communities in Iraq, and what some regional groups have done to Palestinians in Iraq." He warned of additional [Israeli] conspiracies, whose aim is that our [Palestinian] cause will not be a top priority, all in accordance with a precise plan."
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