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Official PA daily systematically erases Israel

Headline: “A salute from Beirut to Palestine”

“Because Jerusalem will remain the compass of the peoples and the free consciences in the world, Beirut has restored to itself its national and fighting appearance that reflects its historical unity with Palestine against the Zionist enemy, and the people of the two sister homelands met in order to reemphasize the promise to Palestine, its Martyrs, and its rebels, and how many of them were here in the streets of Beirut and its neighborhoods, which are still witness to their epics of heroism against this enemy.
Here keffiyehs (Arab headdresses) and Palestinian flags were waved by young and old who called out for the sake of Palestine… amid condemnation and anger over what the occupation is carrying out in front of the world against their people in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Jerusalem, and all the cities and villages in the occupied Palestinian Interior (i.e., Israel, refers to defensive measures against violent Arab riots and Hamas rocket barrages; see note below).”