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Fatah meets with Islamic Jihad in Lebanon praising “unity” in latest terror war

The article includes a picture from the meeting at PLO Ambassador to Lebanon Ashraf Dabbour’s office. On the wall in the background to the left of the Palestinian flag is a decoration featuring the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel and the PA areas as “Palestine.”

“[PLO] Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Lebanon Ashraf Dabbour and Secretary of the Fatah Movement and PLO Factions [in Lebanon] Fathi Abu Al-Ardat received Representative of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Lebanon Ihsan Ataya yesterday, Thursday [June 2, 2021].

The discussion centered on the recent developments that took place in our homeland of Palestine and in the ongoing Israeli aggression against our people (refers to Israeli defensive actions in response to violent Arab riots and Hamas rocket barrages; see note below -Ed.), and the sides praised the Palestinian national unity that was found in our people’s unity everywhere it is against the aggression.”

Fatah/Hamas Riot and Rocket War 2021

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