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Arab “jihad fighter” in 1948 had the “honor of waging jihad against the Zionist occupier,” says PA daily

“One of the jihad fighters of Oman who participated in the 1948 war was jihad fighter Ali bin Nasser Al-Hajari…

This Arab jihad fighter crossed seas, jungles, rivers, and deserts to merit the honor of waging jihad against the Zionist occupier in the 1940s; he sailed by sea from Oman to eastern Africa, passed through Kenya and from there to Sudan, and reached Egypt where he joined the ranks of the Arab volunteer officers who resisted the gangs of Haganah, Etzel, Stern [Lechi] (i.e., Jewish defense forces in the pre-state period), and the global gangs of Jews that [first Israeli Prime Minister] David Ben Gurion mobilized to fight the Arabs and occupy Palestine.”

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