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Fatah joins Hezbollah event to support violent Arab riots – “Jerusalem’s intifada”

Headline: “Fatah participated in a solidarity rally in the village of Tafahta as a sign of support for our people and its intifada at the call of Hezbollah”

“Under the slogan ‘Southern Lebanon Supports Palestine – Oath and Resistance,’ the Hezbollah – Al-Zahrani Region organized a rally of solidarity with our Palestinian people and its brave intifada this afternoon, Thursday, May 20, 2021, in front of the Monument of Head of the Resistance Martyrs Abbas Al-Musawi at the village of Tafahta.

Participating in the rally were the leadership of the Fatah Movement’s Ammar ibn Yasser branch and member of the Loyalty to the Resistance faction Lebanese Parliament Member Hassan Izz Al-Din…

Parliament Member Hassan Izz Al-Din gave a speech on behalf of Hezbollah, in which he emphasized the Lebanese-Palestinian cohesion and the unity of the resistance against the Israeli enemy. He praised the Palestinian position that is resisting and united in all the occupied Palestinian territories in the Galilee (i.e., in northern Israel), the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Arab cities in the 1948 territories (i.e., Israel), in coordination between the factions as part of the joint military war room that organized the activity of the resistance brigades in the Gaza Strip to support Jerusalem’s intifada (refers to violent Arab riots and Hamas rocket barrages; see note below -Ed.).”

Fatah/Hamas Riot and Rocket War 2021

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