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Danish MP cites PMW for uncovering PA fraud and payment of terrorist salaries with western aid

Website of the Danish Parliament, May 6, 2021

MP Søren Espersen, Danish People’s Party: “We [the Danish People’s Party] want to stop the payments to the PA effective immediately, because if you look closer at the huge sums in this gigantic aid scandal, then you can’t help but be deeply shaken by what happens when the PA receives their annual payments - from the EU, from the US, from the UN, from the Arab countries, etc. We're talking about corruption. We're talking about nepotism. We're talking about payments to convicted terrorists and their families. We are talking about how the PA with great cunning is trying to hide how the money actually ends up in all possible and impossible pockets. PMW - Palestinian Media Watch and the Norwegian MIFF - With Israel For Peace have followed for years the neat and tidy money transfers from trusting Western governments [that turn] into money that smells of fraud and deception… It’s peculiar that we in Denmark actually have a law that prohibits providing financial support to terrorists. I’ve noted that different Danish governments repeatedly violate their own law.”

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