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What did you learn in summer camp today? Young boy erases Israel

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

A Palestinian boy who is participating in a Fatah summer camp in Nablus proudly holds up a drawing of “Palestine” that he drew at camp. The map erases the entire State of Israel.

The boy’s drawing shows the map used by the PA in all frameworks that presents all of Israel together with the PA areas as “Palestine.” “Palestine” is written at the top of the drawing, while to the north of “Palestine” is written “Lebanon,” to the east “Syria” and “Jordan,” to the west “the Mediterranean Sea,” and to the south “the Gulf of Aqaba.”

There is no Israel.

The boy’s “geographical knowledge” - which seems to have been reinforced at the Fatah summer camp - is consistent with the PA’s decade-long indoctrination of Palestinians to believe that Israel has no right to exist in any borders and that “Palestine” will be “liberated from the Sea to the River.”

An additional message taught by Fatah in Nablus to kids at the camp was the importance of boycotting Israeli products:

Posted text: “#The_summer_camps_of_the_lion_cubs_and_flowers_2021

[Fatah] #Nablus_branch

The Lion Cubs and Flowers Committee (i.e., Fatah youth institution for young boys and girls) at the [Fatah] Nablus branch launched the ‘Fire Mountains and Guardians of the Threshing Floor’ summer camp (“fire mountain” is a nickname for Nablus -Ed.). [Fatah Nablus] Branch Committee member Mai Qaradeh gave the summer camp a detailed explanation on Sunday [July 4, 2021] about the importance of boycotting the Israeli products.”

 [Facebook page of the Fatah Movement – Nablus Branch, July 4, 2021]

Palestinian Media Watch recently exposed a similar message from Fatah’s Nablus branch when it used a wounded baby in an ad to promote Palestinian boycott of Israeli products:

The ad implies the PA libel that Israel deliberately targets, hurts, and even kills Palestinian children and that buying Israeli products will help finance this.

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