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Former advisor to Arafat: British toxicologist confirms that Arafat was poisoned

Headline: “Produced from rare seaweed – Abu Sharif: President Arafat was assassinated using Thallium poison, a dangerous liquid with no color, smell or taste”
“Personal advisor to the late President Yasser Arafat, Basam Abu Sharif, has disclosed the results of an analysis (conducted over several months) concerning the type of poison used in the assassination of President Yasser Arafat. He said that these results were confirmed by the top criminal toxicologist in England.
He announced that the poison is called Thallium, and is a strange poison which is not in use and whose presence, effects and symptoms are difficult to detect. He added, ‘This dangerous poison is a colorless liquid, with no smell or taste. It is produced from rare seaweed, and may be put into water or food without detection, or injected with a needle into arteries, veins or human skin.’ He said that British and European toxicologists are not familiar with this poison, but the criminal toxicologist identified it. It is very effective, and no antidote can stop it five hours after it is injected or consumed. He emphasized that the expert who carried out the analysis had confirmed that this poison gradually destroys the body’s systems one after another (the liver, kidneys, lungs, and then brain) until it kills it.
He added that the time period needed to kill someone using this poison varies from person to person, depending on his build, his age, and the ability of his bodily systems to hold out. He noted that this period varies from two to eight months, giving criminals the opportunity to distance themselves from the scene of the crime.”

Note: PMW previously documented Basam Abu-Sharif accusing Israel of poisoning Arafat on Palestinian Authority TV in November, 2005.Click here to view

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