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Spanish government denies knowledge of its funding of PA TV boycott ad

News anchor: "Good evening. A new broadcast on Palestinian TV calls for a boycott of Israeli products - those produced on both sides of the Green Line. Whoever buys them is an accomplice in the killing of Palestinians, according to the ad. This doesn't come as a big surprise. But our political reporter, Udi Segal, reveals this evening that a partner in the funding of this broadcast, this offensive broadcast, is a European country - the Spanish government."
Political reporter, Udi Segal: "The Palestinian campaign of incitement against Israeli products has reached a new level. Not only products from settlements, [but] anything Israeli is ruled out, according to a public service advertisement on PA TV."

The PA TV clip was broadcast with PMW's subtitles.

Political reporter, Udi Segal: "This broadcast, brought to us by Palestinian Media Watch , targets all Israeli products. It shows Osem products, drawing a clear connection between the product and killing and firing. That is [also] the message at the end of the broadcast. (The text displayed reads: "Don't prolong the occupation's life upon our land.")
What's even more interesting is who sponsored it. According to PA TV, this ad was sponsored by the Spanish government and its Foreign Ministry.
We contacted the [Spanish] embassy and received an interesting response:
'We don't know about a broadcast that we funded. The Spanish government logo was used without our knowledge.'
In the wake of our inquiry, the Spanish government has opened an investigation to find out exactly what happened."
News anchor: "When we obtain answers [from the Spanish government], we'll be glad to update you."
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