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PA daily: Israel encourages drug addiction among Arabs but rehabilitates Jewish addicts

Headline: "During a seminar in Bethlehem on the subject of drugs and criminal justice - a warning against the occupation's (i.e., Israel’s) role in disseminating drugs, as is happening in Jerusalem"
"The seminar, organized by the Palestinian Authority and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, opened yesterday at the Dar Jacir hotel in Bethlehem, under the title 'Development of a Plan for Integrative Cooperation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories to Fight Drugs, Prevent Crime, and Renew Criminal Justice.' Dr. As'ad Al-Ramlawi, Director of [the Health Ministry's department of] First Aid and Chairman of the National Council to Fight AIDS... announced that one out of three youths in Jerusalem uses drugs. He accused the occupation authorities of encouraging [drug] use in Jerusalem, and noted that these authorities encourage the Arabs who have been arrested for drugs to use [drugs], while the Jews who are imprisoned for similar crimes are rehabilitated."
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