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PA TV program encourages stabbing and throwing stones at Israelis

Program: ”I’m in Jerusalem.” Documentary-style program about a boy named Abdallah from Gaza, on a trip to Jerusalem.
Abdallah is talking to two children from East Jerusalem. He sees policemen on horses and asks:

Abdallah: ”What are those horses for?”
Child: "[They belong to] the [Israeli] army. So that if someone throws stones, they can catch him.”
Abdallah: ”Aha. Does the army pass by you every day?”
Child 1: ”... They pass by our neighborhood.”
Abdallah: ”Do you throw stones at them?”
Child 1: ”Yes.”
[Abdallah walks around the market in Jerusalem’s Old City and talks to two merchants there.]
Merchant: ”Where are you from?”
Abdallah: ”From Gaza.”
Merchant: ”What brings you to Jerusalem?”
Child: ”I came to see it.”
Merchant: ”Do you have family in Jerusalem?”
Abdallah: ”No, but my brother was wounded.”
Merchant: ”And they brought him to a hospital here?”
Abdallah: ”Yes, a hospital, but I don’t know exactly where. He was wounded by the [Israeli] army, when they came into Ramallah.”
Merchant: ”Your brother is an army man from Ramallah?”
Abdallah: ”No, he’s 16. He threw stones at [Israeli] soldiers. Do they throw stones here?”
Merchant: ”Yes, they do, why shouldn’t they?”
Abdallah: ”A lot?”
Merchant: ”Yes, they throw.”
Abdallah: ”Do you throw?”
Merchant: ”Me?” [Laughs loudly. Someone comments, there is laughter, the merchant sighs.]
[Display of goods for sale: adorned oriental knives]
Abdallah: ”These daggers.”
Merchant: ”These knives.”
Abdallah: ”Do you slaughter soldiers with them?”
Merchant: ”Yes. Look up there... do you see?” [Points to a memorial plaque placed by the Jerusalem Municipality, on the wall above.]
Abdallah: ”With what [was the attack carried out]?”
Merchant: ”With a knife.”
Abdallah: ”With this knife?”
Merchant: ”No, not with this knife. Someone came and stabbed a settler.”
Abdallah: ”You mean, he killed him?”
Merchant: ”Yes, they killed a settler.”