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PA daily: "The rabbis of death and promoters of pagan Zionist thought stir up hatred against Palestinians"

Columnist Adel Abd Al-Rahman:

Headline: “Zionism reproduces the Holocaust”
     “Day by day, Zionist racism is becoming more firmly and clearly entrenched in Israeli society, having been born from the womb of the reactionary worldview, the worldview of the ghetto, ‘God’s chosen people’ and ‘the Promised Land’ – and from the books of slaughter, according to which ‘God commanded the Children of Israel to slaughter them [Amalek] and to slaughter their children, their wives, their elderly, and even their livestock, two thousand years ago.’
The rabbis of death and the promoters of pagan Zionist thought have continued to spew their poison among the Jews, in order to stir up and rouse feelings of animosity and hatred against the Palestinians, since the European and American forces of evil facilitated for them the [fulfillment of the] idea of the ‘national home’, in order to be rid of them and to remove from the European [social] fabric the results and implications of the Holocaust which they carried out against the Jews of Europe in Nazi Germany. This was [done] with the aim of tearing apart Arab land, by planting them as an imperialist colonialist enterprise in Arab Palestine. Instead of standing against the West’s colonialist plans and ideas, the Zionist Jews were glad to be the instrument of and fuel for the colonialist enterprise. They enjoyed the game of deception and the forging of facts, after dipping their hands in Palestinian and Arab blood. They plundered the Palestinian land and national interests, and established their state upon the ruins of the Palestinian Arab people, under the faded and false slogan, ‘A nationless land for a landless nation.’ …

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