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PA daily: Terrorist shooter died as Martyr

Headline:Shahid (Martyr) from Yamoun, violent clashes in Silwan, and a campaign of arrests in Hebron”
“Salam Al-Samoudi, a 24-year old youth from the village of Al-Yamoun in the Jenin district, was martyred by fire from occupation soldiers stationed at the Mevo Dotan roadblock…
Israeli sources noted that Samoudi fired a number of bullets towards the soldiers manning the roadblock, who returned fire, leading to his death…
No Palestinian official has confirmed the occupation’s account, and there is no Palestinian version of the circumstances of the death. Meanwhile the Islamic Jihad movement has ‘adopted’ the Shahid on its electronic site, it has stated that the Shahid Al-Samoudi is one of the heroes of the Al-Quds Brigades, the movement’s military wing, and that he died during an armed confrontation with the occupation forces at the roadblock. It has confirmed that he carried a rifle during the operation. It stated that the Shahid was held in detention for two years in occupation jails for belonging to the Al-Quds Brigades… Jenin governor, Qadura Musa, denounced the Israeli army for killing the youth Samoudi, stating that through this act Israel demonstrates to everyone its determination to distance itself from achieving peace in the region.”