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Teams competing in "Shahid’s Day football tournament" named after terrorists

Headline:Shahid Marwan Zalum team wins Shahids’ (Martyrs’) Day football tournament”
 Text on poster:
"Sponsored by Bethlehem District Governor, Minister Abd Al-Fatah Hamail – Palestinian Shahids’ Day Tournament.”
With PA logos and what appears to be a photo of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas
     “The Marwan Zalum team has won the Shahids’ (Martyrs’) Day football tournament, organized by the National Association of Shahids’ Families and the Institute for Families of the Shahids and the Injured, under the supervision of the Youth and Sports Administration in Bethlehem…
Present at the tournament were Deputy Governor of Bethlehem, Muhammad Taha; Secretary of the National Association of Shahids’ Families, Muhammad Sbeihat; Yusuf Abu-Laban, director of the Institute for Families of the Shahids and the Injured; Abd Al-Nasser Al-Sharif, General Director of the Youth and Sports Administration, and representatives of the Director of National Security, the General Director of the Police, and members of the office of the National Association of the Families of the Shahids and the Injured in Bethlehem. Seven teams participated, bearing the names of the Shahids: Hussein Obeidat, Thaer Hasan, Ali Alaan, Jaris Kankar, Basel Abu-Sa’adi, Ahmed Al-Balboul, and Marwan Zalum.
Taha greeted the Palestinian people and its Shahids, and conveyed the greetings of Governor Abd Al-Fattah Hamaye, who attaches special importance to the subject of the Shahids’ children. He praised the Shahids’ families for their resoluteness.”

Note: Marwan Zalum – Commander in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades and senior member of Tanzim (Fatah terror group). He was responsible for several terror attacks in the Hebron region, including the murder of an infant in 2001. In 2002, Zalum drove a suicide terrorist to Jaffa Street in Jerusalem to carry out a terror attack, killing six.
Hussein Obeidat – Senior Tanzim activist. Involved in a long series of shooting attacks on the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem, on the Israeli army position at Shdema, on the Tunnels Road, and on the DCO in Beit Jala.
Thaer Hasan – Commander of the Jerusalem Brigades of the Islamic Jihad in the southern part of the West Bank.
Ali Alaan – Responsible for the murder of dozens of Israelis in a series of terror attacks, including one in Haifa in 2003 that killed 17 people, one at Pat Junction in Jerusalem in 2002 that killed 19, and one in Kiryat Menachem in Jerusalem, killing 12 (2001).
Ahmed Al-Balboul – Commander of the military wing of Fatah in the southern part of Bethlehem district.