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PA Attorney General: Anyone in contact with the "enemy" [Israel] will face the "most severe punishments"

Headline: “Court in Nablus sentences a resident who sold land to the ‘enemy’ to ten years’ hard labor”
“The Information Department of the public prosecution told WAFA [official PA news agency] that the Nablus court had sentenced the accused… to ten years’ hard labor, on the charge of selling land ‘to the enemy’ [Israelis] … He sold land in 1981… The Nablus district chief prosecutor, Baha Al-Ahmad, said: ‘In accordance with the directives and instructions of the Attorney General, Justice Ahmed Al-Mughni, the public prosecution will put on trial and make an accounting with anyone who desires to harm the security of the homeland, its inhabitants, and their resources. The harshest and most severe punishments will be administered to anyone who has sought or seeks to make contact with the ‘enemy’ [Israel] and to sell him land, so that it will teach others a lesson, because this crime harms the entire Palestinian people, and has no [statute of] limitation.”

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