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Fatah leader: Armed resistance is a right but is not currently possible

Nabil Shaath is a member of the Fatah Central Committee and Fatah’s Commissioner of International Relations:
“During a political gathering held by Fatah – Tubas branch, under the heading, “The Principles are our Bridge to a State”, Shaath noted that the American administration and Israel are applying pressure to the Palestinian leadership to return to negotiations. He said, ‘However, we decided that our present strategy will be a continuation of the popular struggle in all its forms and through all its means; a launching of international activity in order to obtain further international recognition of a Palestinian state; and pursuit of Israel and war criminals in international forums.’…
Shaath noted that the leadership is opposed to the idea of returning to negotiations without a change in the balance of power on the ground. He added that right now there is no room for the realization of our people’s right to armed resistance, due to several considerations and the results that it might bring about on the ground.”

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