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Fatah official visits Central America to get recognition for Palestinian state

Headline: “Fatah emissary discusses with El Salvador recognition of Palestinian State”
“Nassim Al-Allam, emissary of the Fatah Commission for International Relations, yesterday concluded his visit to the Republic of El-Salvador, the first stop on his tour of Central America. The purpose of the tour is to seek recognition for an independent Palestinian state on the borders of June 4, 1967…
The Commissioner for International Relations, Nabil Shaath, said that the visit is taking place within the framework of the Commission’s activity to obtain additional recognition for the independent Palestinian state, to explain Fatah’s position on the various political developments, and to expose the true Israeli intentions regarding the peace process. He added that Fatah’s political program… would be part of the agenda of the Central American tour, in order to gain the support of additional foreign supporters for the non-violent Palestinian struggle, pushing the occupation state into the corner, boycotting it, prosecution [of it] for its crimes against our people and adopting practical and effective steps to pressure Israel to end the occupation in the Palestinian territories.”