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Israeli Channel 10 lauds PMW: PMW on the front lines on behalf of the whole country

Israeli TV channel 10 did an in depth story on PMW and its importance internationally. The following is the transcript of the Israeli TV news.

Israeli TV host: “The internet plays an important role maybe the most critical, in the political information war. Our most effective weapon is actually broadcasts from the other side: The incitement on PA TV. The people who monitor these broadcasts, 24 hours a day, upload to the web, translate to different languages, and send to the whole world so everyone can see what’s happening – it's a completely private organization called Palestinian Media Watch. Our reporter accompanied the people who put themselves on the front lines of the information war on behalf of the whole country – mostly because they feel no one else is doing this.”

PA TV clip:
PA TV host to child: “Let's see the little child [of prisoner Qussai].
Do they bother you, the Israeli army, the soldiers there [during visits to prison]?”
Child nods in agreement.
PA TV host: They're wild animals, right? Aren’t they wild animals?”
Israeli TV reporter: “The Internet has become a lively arena of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

PA TV clip:
PA TV host: “Who put him in prison?”
Prisoner’s son: “The Jews.”
PA TV host: “The Jews are our enemies, right?”
Child nods in agreement.

Israeli TV reporter: “And while most of us merely complain about the bad Israeli PR, there are those who fight back with full force.”

PMW director, Itamar Marcus, to PMW translator: “What did you find?”
PMW translator: “I found a video [glorifying] the terror attack of Dalal Mughrabi.” [note - in which 37 civilians were killed]

PA TV clip:
Palestinian singer: “The coast was stormy with the glory of Dalal Mughrabi. On the [Israeli] coast the heroes landed.”
PMW director, Itamar Marcus: “This video glorifies the terror attack by Dalal Mughrabi. They came from Lebanon by boat, and murdered 37 Israelis. This video [showing a reenactment with boats at sea] glorifies her and the terror attack.”

Israeli TV reporter: “The research institute Palestinian Media Watch spends all its time, from morning until night, watching and finding problems in the Palestinian media. The organization is highly regarded in Israel:”

PMW director, Itamar Marcus: “The important political conclusions that arise from our findings go beyond the realm of public relations.”

Israeli TV reporter: …and [highly regarded] overseas:”

PMW director, Itamar Marcus: “For years we have been in ongoing contact with the US leadership. We have significant impact in Europe as well.”

Israeli TV reporter: “Now it turns out that even the Palestinian media can no longer ignore their work.

PA TV clip:
PA TV narrator: “The main Israeli source which monitors this is PMW's website that monitors everything large and small in the Palestinian media.”
PMW director, Itamar Marcus: “There is one thing we’re trying to promote, and that is peace education.”

Israeli TV reporter: “If you want to know a little more about the way Palestinians talk among themselves…:”

Israeli TV reporter asks PMW translator: “Do Israelis have any idea what’s going on there?”
PMW translator: “Not at all. No.”

Israeli TV reporter: “You can look at their new website in Hebrew and discover the material which many of us, it would seem, would never even have heard about.”

PA TV clip:
PA TV host: “Please name five Palestinian cities.”
Contestant: “Safed, Acre, Haifa, Jaffa, Nablus, Lod, Ramle...” (6 of 7 are Israeli cities)
PA TV host: “You win $100 from the Palestine Investment Fund.”
[Israeli TV Channel 10, Feb. 9, 2011] 

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