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UN asks PMW to publicize that UN was not behind Arab media campaign presenting terrorist as role model

PMW  |
The following is the email PMW received from UNFPA:

From: Abubakar Dungus

Dear Sir/Madam,
Please note the following statement from UNFPA on the subject of your post on the White Hands Campaign. Also note that the Campaign has removed our logo. Would appreciate any kind action you (PMW) take as a result of this information.

UNFPA Press Release
10 February 2011

UNFPA Disavows Involvement in Arab Media Campaign

UNITED NATIONS, New York-UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, had no involvement in the selection of women profiled in the "White Hands Campaign" of the Arab Producers' Union for TV (APUTV), and has asked for its logo to be removed from the site. In 2008, UNFPA provided APUTV with information and data on reproductive health and youth issues. It provided no funding. More importantly, UNFPA was neither consulted nor involved in the selection of Arab women to be featured by the initiative, and it condemns any acts of violence that take the lives of innocent people. The Fund therefore disassociates itself from the campaign activities.

APUTV works under the umbrella of the League of Arab States, and through the Arab Ministers Information Council. UNFPA provided information to the campaign based on its longstanding cooperation with the League of Arab States, and working within its mandate to advance maternal health, promote gender equality and support population and development strategies.
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