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PA daily op-ed praises Egypt for its wars against Israel

Anonymous op-ed addressed to the supreme Iranian religious leader, Ayatollah Khamene’i, following his sermon in support of the revolution in Egypt and denouncing the Mubaraq regime.
“When you speak about Egypt, don’t forget that you’re talking about the Pan-Arabist Egypt, about a country which participated in fierce wars for the sake of the Arab and Islamic nation. You speak out against a country which sacrificed the best of its sons as Shahids (Martyrs) in order to defend Arab honor and unity. In case you’ve forgotten, permit me to remind you that you’re speaking of a country which fought against Israel on more than one occasion, which humiliated the Israeli army in the war of October 1973 [Yom Kippur War], which courageously resisted the three-way aggression against its territory [the Sinai Campaign], and whose heroes caused the collapse of the Bar-Lev Line.
I take this opportunity to request of you: Tell us about the army of the Godly Iranian regime, about this army whose size and equipment you brag about, about the army which we have not witnessed fighting a single war against Israel, and which has not fired a single bullet towards Israel – not even by mistake.
Honored leader, enough with the foolishness and impudence. Let you and your regime allow one demonstration of the opposition in Iran to express its will and to take to the streets in order to express its opinion freely; only then can you talk about the freedom of nations and their will. I am certain that you and your regime are too cowardly to do it.”
From WAFA, official PA news agency

Note: This article does not reflect the general attitude of the PA daily newspaper towards the revolution in Egypt.