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PA daily: American democracy and freedom are rotten

      “If the White House does not recognize an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, on the borders of the 1948 ceasefire lines, and if it does not state explicitly that the [Israeli] occupation and settlements are crimes against humanity and that the Palestinian nation has the right to freedom, independence, and the establishment of its free and democratic regime on the land of Palestine – we shall continue to think of American democracy and freedom like Kentucky [Fried Chicken] and the hamburger – a trademark [of products] exported to us [already] spoiled, or guaranteed to spoil inside the containers of those who are importing it directly from Washington…
To date we do not know how the future will look in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and the other Arab countries, but we are seized by a legitimate fear for the fate of our big brother, and the biggest reason for this fear is that the volatile democracy bomb – which the invading American forces brought on tanks to Baghdad – has invaded Arab Egypt, this time through people in handsome clothing, of elegant and bewitching appearance, who have specialized in games of hiding and concealment, in disappearance [?], in the art of seizing control of youth action, and opportunism…
Barack Obama, and his deputy, Biden, are well aware of the significance of these historical and pivotal moments, as they referred to them. At the same time, they – and Clinton along with them – preferred to withdraw from conflict with ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu, and entered the arena of confrontation with Egypt while convincing the American people of its outcome, even if this meant betraying a rational and realistic ally who has been a pillar in promoting peace in the Middle East.
Obama is worthy of leading the international movement of the [Muslim] Brotherhood organization, because he went to Cairo and delivered his renowned and historical speech about human rights, freedom, principles and values, but thereafter went and shrank before Netanyahu’s bared teeth and Liberman’s roar, and could not restore his dignity except by betraying Cairo and us.”