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Children in Fatah youth club glorify terrorists, including Dalal Mughrabi

Headline: “Two ‘Yes, We Can’ workshops in Tulkarem”
“The Fatah Tulkarem region’s Boys’ and Girls’ Institute organized two ‘Yes, We Can’ workshops… These workshops are part of a series of activities that the institute is holding in order to enrich the boys and girls with national knowledge, and are part of the ‘Yes, We Can’ program. One of the boys, Sa’id Al-Zubeidi, spoke about the life and heroism of the Shahida (Martyr) Dalal Mughrabi. One of the girls, Aseel Al-Sheikh Yousuf, told the story of the three Shahids who were executed by the British Mandate: Ataa Al-Zir, Fuad Hijazi, and Muhammad Jamjoum.”

Note: Dalal Mughrabi – led bus hijacking and killing of 37 civilians. For details, see above.
Ataa Al-Zir, Fuad Hijazi, and Muhammad Jamjoum, “had committed particularly brutal murders [of Jews] at Safed and Hebron," according to the report by British Government to the League of Nations.