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Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation to become a public institution by Presidential order

     “Secretary of the PLO Executive Council and general supervisor of official media, Yasser Abd Rabbo… spoke during a symposium… in Ramallah entitled, “Towards Free and Modern Media”.
Concerning the main topic of the symposium, Abd Rabbo proposed consolidating a document or honorary convention that will define the rules for engaging in the [journalism] profession, guarantee the aspirations of journalists, and ensure the protection and honoring of all freedoms and the removal of any obstacle that stands in the way of freedom of expression and journalistic freedoms… He emphasized that he is committed to raising [the document] before the government, the President’s office, and the central decision-making bodies, including the PLO Executive Committee, in order to have it approved and made official. He said that the document he proposes will not comprise just a few demands and calls, but will be a document that will be unanimously accepted by society and the various PA bodies, and will become the constitution of journalistic work. In this way it will supersede the previous Media Act, in the form of an officially supported announcement…
Abd Rabbo stated clearly that the trend is that eventually there will be no official Palestinian media, and that the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation will be transformed, through a Presidential order, into a public and independent national institution, similar to the situation in many advanced countries.
Abd Rabbo noted that within the institution [PBC] a battle is going on concerning implementation of the order, which has made the task more difficult… Abd Rabbo emphasized that he will not hesitate to continue this battle with full strength, despite all the difficulties and obstacles, even if he is uncertain of success in this regard.”

Note: There has been no official announcement by the PA nor any other evidence that the decision to turn the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation into a public institution has yet been carried out (June 2011).